Factors to Consider Before Starting Loft Conversion in your house

If your home is spacious in the loft, then you can make use of it to create more space for an office, extra bedroom, extra bathroom, meditation room or play area. There are factors to consider before converting your loft; the following are factors to consider.


Plan design will determine the size of your budget in loft conversion you should have funds to complete the project, seeking advice from the contractor you want to work with will also guide you in your work. The size of the loft determines the amount of money you will need to spend on the project.

Building regulations

Each country has building regulations and rules that guide the building industry on building and construction. Before starting loft conversion you should seek advice from loft conversion team and the plan of what you want to do, then seek approval and clearance from the regulatory body, this is the first step before doing anything on your house loft. 

Loft type of your house

Consider the type of the roof of your house before the conversion of your loft. Some homes have a roof that is very squeezed and can not accommodate any room. If there is a spacious loft; then consider converting it into an extra bedroom or an office, have a design plan of what you want and execute it. According to loft experts at https://eloftconversions.co.uk/north-london/ there are various types of loft conversion that are available and each cost differently. Before converting your loft, consider which loft conversion fits you. Some of types of conversion are:

  • Mansard
  • Dormer
  • Rooflight
  • and modular loft conversion

Natural light

Loft conversion requires window for natural light from the sun you can consider having rooflight windows fixed on your loft because they are easy to fit, and require fewer alterations during a loft conversion.

Fire safety

Fire safety ought factoring in every building structure, when converting your loft, always consider putting in safety precautions for the users. Construct a size window that an individual can escape through it in case of a fire breakout. Installation of fire or smoke alarms in your house is very crucial.

Loft ceiling and insulation

Insulation of the loft walls and floor helps to reduce too much cold or heat inside the room. To make the loft room habitable, you need to insulate it well with quality materials; insulation ought done using noise-proof materials on the walls and floors. If you don’t do it well, then it can be inhabitable.

Alteration of the roof structure

Loft conversion requires alteration of the loft supports, timber supporting the roof should be changed or positioned well to create space. Ceiling joists ought to be removed, and replaced with beams that will hold the floor.

stairs, living room
Stairs leading to loft


Stairs are crucial in every building, make sure your house has enough space to accommodate a staircase to your loft. The stairs ought to be attached to the existing staircase. Utilize the available space near the staircase

Can the foundation of your house support loft conversion

Before thinking of converting your loft, seek advice from qualified building architecture to know whether your house foundation can support extra weight on the roof. The lintel and beams that support loft conversion ought checking. If the foundation can not support the weight; then you can reinforce the foundation, lintels and beams.


Always consider seeking advice from a qualified architecture when planning to convert your loft to a room. Specialist advice will guide you to the completion of the construction as required by the regulations.

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